BBQ Guidance & Buying Advice

Barbecuing is a great British tradition. There’s nothing better than busting out the BBQ on the first vaguely warm day of the year and reminding yourself what you love about spending leisure time in the great outdoors.

Sizzling meat (or sizzling veggies!) and an array of salads, relishes, sauces, and other garnishes spread out wide over your garden table, with happy friends and relatives ready and waiting to enjoy your handiwork. Beer in hand -or maybe something a little softer – and a warm glow of accomplishment.

Then, once the BBQ’s out, the question is whether you use it again that year, or whether it sits forlornly in the corner gathering dust and rain. This is another great British tradition in some households: One BBQ each year, followed by months of “you know, we should really have another one soon love!”

If, like us, you’re an enthusiastic barbecuer, this section is for you. We’ve got guides on the best BBQ to buy, the best BBQ smokers, and everything you need to keep your BBQ season going all through the summer. Whether you’re a gas BBQ fan or prefer the more traditional charcoal, you’ll find in-depth guides to pair you with the perfect kit.

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not build your own? Our popular guide to building your own garden brick BBQ has helped plenty of grillers just like you to put a homemade feather in their barbecue cap.

For the intrepid BBQ entertainer you’ll also find BBQ shelters, BBQ side tables, and much more. Because there’s so much more to a successful BBQ party than the right hardware. It’s about entertaining, and creating the perfect atmosphere.

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