Garden Clothing Advice

What do you like to wear when you’re gardening? For us the answer depends on a lot of things: The season, the job at hand, the amount of time we’re planning to spend outdoors that day. Our garden wardrobe ranges from shorts and a t-shirt, right up to specialised boots, thick overalls, and sturdy gloves.

Some gardening jobs involve things that are surprisingly sharp and pointy, whether they be manmade tools or natural spikes and thorns. In this section, you’ll find a selection of content to help you find the right tool for the right job. Because as the old saying goes: Prior planning prevents poor performance!

With the right gear, garden work becomes so much smoother. Once you remove the fear of getting pricked by a thorn (or worse!), it’s easier to lose yourself in the task. There’s also the added benefit of restricting dirt stains, grass stains, and various other blemishes to special garden clothes, rather than spoiling your favourite pair of jeans.

We’ve designed this content to be of use to amateur gardeners, looking for garden gloves and welly boots, right up to the seasoned professional, looking for the proper gear for some seriously hardcore gardening work. Chainsaw boots, for example. If you’re looking for the best boots to wear when sawing up trees and stumps in your garden, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever your garden wardrobe currently looks like, and whichever tasks you’ve got lined up for the coming garden season, this section will help you to align the two. You’ll be able to stride confidently into your outdoor haven, ready and properly dressed to tackle anything and everything that needs doing.

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