Composting Advice

Compost is a mysterious thing. To some of us, the idea of saving scraps of fruit and veg seems like a natural way to recycle nutrients into our gardens instead of sending them to landfill. To others, though, having a smelly pile of rotting food in your garden (or worse, your kitchen!) is, rightfully, an off-putting concept.

Here’s the thing, though: Done properly, compost shouldn’t smell. If you’ve tried to get a compost pile going before and found it gradually decaying into a ripe mush, then we’re sorry to say that you were doing it wrong!

A healthy compost pile has a gentle earthy scent. Maybe not one that you’d spray around your front room if there was a compost flavoured air freshener, but definitely not something to make you gag and recoil in horror.

In this section we’ve put together some comprehensive guides for starting a compost pile in your home. From information on the different types of compost available (cold, hot, Bokashi, and more!), through to the micromanaging of your compost pile once it’s up and running (this involves fun things like brown ingredients and green ingredients, and how to use each to adjust the delicate chemical balance of your compost).

You may not believe us now, but once you get properly acquainted with it, composting is a rewarding and satisfying pastime. You’ll get the warm glow of saving perfectly good nutrients from landfill. You’ll exercise your brain by learning and practising a new skill. Then, most importantly of all, you’ll see your flowers and crops grow bigger and more bountiful than ever before.

So dive in, see what you learn, and who knows – you might enjoy it!

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