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How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Conifer?

green conifer foliage

The majority of conifers are trees, including varieties like cedar, fir, larch, pine, and hemlock.

Other conifers are hedges: Leylandii, cypress, cedar and others are amongst the most popular conifer hedges.

Trees and hedges in this family are often confused with evergreens, but while some conifers are evergreen, not all evergreens are conifers.

field in the foreground with conifers in the background

Conifers are attractive additions to outdoor spaces thanks to their distinctive aesthetic and rich, green foliage.

That said, sometimes people are also keen to remove them. Perhaps they’ve grown too big to manage? Or maybe they’re getting in the way of a landscaping project.

Either way, removing a conifer tree by yourself is quite a job, so many people turn to professional tree removal services instead.

But this carries the question: how much does it cost to remove a conifer?

In this article we’ll answer that question, after briefly introducing conifers in a little more detail.

What is a conifer?

Conifer means cone-bearer and alludes to the fact that all plants in this family produce cones to replicate rather than flowers.

You’ll be familiar with pine cones from pine trees, but other conifers’ cones can look quite different.

The cones of Thuja Orientalis
The cones of Thuja Orientalis

Why remove a conifer?

While they’re a pleasure to look at, conifers aren’t always the most practical presence in a garden. They’re big and can quickly dominate the space, especially if space is limited.

Maybe you’ve moved into a house and would like to remove a conifer tree so you can redo the garden to your specifications? Or maybe a conifer that previously stood with ample space around would threaten the foundations of a garden building you’ve got planned?

It may also be the case that your conifer is simply getting too big to manage. People often underestimate what’s required to take care of a tree, especially over a number of years.

If you’re starting to find the job too difficult or time-consuming, removal is a way to absolve yourself of the responsibility.

Conifer tree removal: your options

When you’ve made the decision to remove your conifer, you next need to decide whether to remove it yourself or whether to hire a professional.

There are pros and cons to each, but many people would advise hiring experts unless you’ve got the skills required to remove it safely.

We won’t go into how to remove a conifer yourself in this article, but you can find plenty of tutorials on Google if you’re interested in that course of action.

tree surgeon cutting with a chainsaw
Getting experts involved is usually a good call!

Below we’ll run you through potential costs you should expect to pay to get a conifer removed by tree removal experts.

What goes into a tree removal quote?

When getting a tree removal quote, there are many factors that will determine the price you pay. These include (but are not limited to) things like:

  • The size of the tree: a bigger tree represents more work, and will cost more to remove as a result.
  • The number of trees you want removed: if you’ve just got one conifer you’ll obviously pay less than for removing several.
  • Ease of access: a tree standing alone in the centre of a lawn will be easier (and cheaper) to remove than one in a tight gap, or in dense woodland.
  • How deep the roots are: this will correlate with size, and a more expansive root system will lead to higher costs.
  • Whether you want the waste removed: if you’d like the workmen to remove the waste from your property, you’ll pay an additional charge.
  • Where you live: as with everything, tree removal prices vary based on where you live. London and the south can expect to pay more than other regions.

How much does conifer tree removal cost?

Based on an analysis of average prices paid across the UK, you can expect the removal of a conifer tree to cost somewhere in the region of £800 to £1,200 (including VAT).

However, with the above in mind, the exact price you’ll pay will vary. Prices in London and the South-East are likely to be higher than prices in the North of England, for example.

We always recommend seeking a couple of quotes when planning a tree removal job: this gives you an opportunity to evaluate and compare potential costs from tree removal companies local to you, and reduces the risk of paying way over the odds.

If one quote stands high above the others, it may be an indication that the price isn’t fair.

How to decide on the best quote

When requesting and comparing quotes from tree surgeons, you’re entitled to ask questions about the service they’ll provide. Looking to understand how long they’ve been trading and how experienced their staff are should give you a good feel for the level of quality to expect.

Look for testimonials and reviews online, either on their Google Business listing, Checkatrade, or elsewhere.

If you have specific concerns about the job, for example if you’ve got very limited access space, make sure to clarify these ahead of time rather than getting caught short on the day.

By ‘fer now

Removing a conifer tree from your garden is a great way to free up space and bring your garden in line with your vision. While it’s hard to estimate removal costs without knowing the specifics of your job, the information in this article should be helpful in figuring out the ballpark the price might fall in.

Remember: always get more than one quote, and don’t feel pressured to say yes if you’re not happy with the price.

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