Garden Furniture Advice

Are you somebody who likes to entertain outdoors whenever the weather allows? If so, join the club. To us, our gardens are practically extensions of our living rooms. They’re not just a bit of green to look out at while you do the washing up, or a place to hang your laundry. They’re places we can go to sit, talk, eat, drink, relax, and so much more.

In this section, you’ll find content designed to help you extend the entertainment season in your garden. No more will that first chilly autumn wind be a signal to pack away the garden furniture until the spring flowers poke their heads above ground once again. Instead

You’ll also find tons of information about the myriad types of garden furniture available. From zero gravity chairs to usher in unparalleled relaxation or pub style benches for a little of that pub-garden magic, right through to bean bags for a little 70s throwback vibe, through to swing seats to replicate that garden energy your grandparents pulled off so well.

It’s our firm belief that a garden should be comfortable and full of character. It should be a place where you can go to unwind, whatever type of day you’ve had, and whatever’s on your mind. And the harsh truth is that £5 folding chairs and an upturned bucket table just won’t cut it. To really achieve garden bliss, it’s about finding the furniture that aligns with your aesthetic preferences, your relaxation style and, most importantly, your budget.

So take a look at our guides. We’re sure you’ll find something that fits the bill, and which will put you on the path to achieving garden furniture perfection. Soon you’ll be out there basking in the sun, glass of wine in one hand, good book in the other, and your worries will be melting away.

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