Advice For Garden Structures

Gardens are about more than well-trimmed grass and pretty flowers. They’re extensions of our homes, and places we go to do all manner of activities. Whether you’re a homebody whose garden structure dreams include a perfectly organised and secured shed, a budding home grower who wants a greenhouse to expand their growing capabilities, or a hardcore relaxer looking to build their own outdoor spa, this section is for you.

For the homebodies, we’ve got a series of guides about finding and building your perfect shed. From identifying the structure that best fits your needs, to making sure it’s painted and sealed in a way that’ll protect it from the elements, right down to alarm systems to protect it from opportunistic burglars.

For the home growers, we’ve got guides to the best greenhouses, so you’ll soon be able to make your fruit and veg dreams come true. We’ve also got guides for garden storage, and all sorts of other things you’ll need to keep yourself organised.

For the spa-goers, you’ll find information about hot tub gazebos and canopies to make sure your outdoor R&R is never disturbed by a little wind or rain.

Alongside these guides you’ll find information on storage solutions, garden structure insulation, awnings, sunshade, and so much more. It’s our hope that after reading this section, any questions you had about building structures in your garden will be firmly answered. You’ll have the information you need to find, build, secure, and enjoy a garden structure for any purpose, and bring your outdoor oasis that little bit closer to perfection.

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