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We’ve all felt that first chilly autumn wind. That harbinger of the cold, desolate winter months that roll around each year, like icy clockwork. But we’ve also all sat outside in the cold weather, warmed by a lovely log fire, flask of hot soup, or hot water bottle. This battle of human innovation against the unforgiving elements is a line that traces through our whole history, so no way is a little bit of cold weather going to force us indoors during winter!

If you also reject the idea that cold weather means the garden is off-limits, then this section is for you. Here you’ll find tons of information about the numerous ways to keep ourselves warm and toasty when the thermometer drops.

For the fire-lovers among us, we’ve got guides to the best garden chimineas, the best wood burning stoves, and much more. Sitting beside a roaring fire is one of the most unifying human experiences, in our opinion. It harkens back to ancient times, and while it may sound over the top, it really does connect us all with our common ancestry. Sharing this experience with friends and family is a great way to strengthen bonds and create memories.

If you want something a little less dramatic, we’ve also got guides to choosing the top gas and electric patio heaters. These are the heaters you find in the gardens of the pubs you find yourself going back to in the winter months. They’re quick, efficient, and truly toasty once they get going.

There’s also information in this section about keeping your garden structures warm, and even making sure that your plants don’t get too chilly in the brisk weather!

In short, whatever your garden heating needs, we’ve got you covered. So read up, and get yourself ready for warm and cosy garden times whatever the weather.

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