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The Best Children’s Garden Swings For Summer Playtime

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Send your children soaring into the sky on their very own garden swing set, and provide fun for all ages.

Garden swings can be made from metal, wood or plastic. Choose between traditional single designs, nest-style recliners, or options with multiple swings, which can be ideal for siblings and friends to play together.

To help you choose the best children’s garden swing for your outside space, we’ve put together a collection of our 5 favourite options on the market.

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ZERO GRAVITY UFO Kids Birds Nest Swing Set...
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Also Consider...
ZERO GRAVITY UFO Kids Birds Nest Swing Set...
Swing Set
Steel Frame / Steel Chains

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These swing sets are all fun, robust, and fully approved by kids!

Best Pick: HLC Outdoor Folding Swing Set

Our favourite garden swing comes with two swings and a seesaw, and is perfect for larger families and gardens


This HLC Outdoor Folding Swing Set is a great all-round option and offers excellent value.

It comes with two swings which can be set at different heights, and a small glider seesaw, presenting children with multiple play options from one piece of equipment.

This means that up to 4 children can play on the swing set at any one time, making it ideal for groups of friends, or for larger families with multiple siblings. It is recommended for children aged 3 – 8 years, and the maximum combined user weight limit is 180kgs.

The swing set is made from durable, powder-coated steel, which will resist rust and weathering – so your children will be able to enjoy it for years to come. The seats are made from sturdy, injection moulded plastic, and the ropes are soft feel, to protect your little ones’ hands as they play.

With a floor plan of 138 x 260 cm, this is a sizeable swing set, and will require a reasonable amount of space in your garden. If you’ve only got a small patio or lawn area, you might need to look for something more compact. 

However, if you’ve got the space, this metal children’s swing set is sure to provide kids with hours of garden fun – for a very reasonable price.


  • Frame made from durable, powder-coated steel.
  • Seats are robust, injection moulded plastic.
  • Includes 2 swings and a glider seesaw.
  • Up to 4 children can play at once – ideal for siblings and friends.
  • Adjustable ropes and ground bolts enable it to be secured to the ground.
  • Soft feel ropes protect children’s hands.
  • Bright colours are attractive to children.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Large floor plan means it takes up a lot of space.
  • Fittings are not the best quality.
  • Ideally needs to be cemented into the ground, to avoid movement while in use.

Value Pick: Jaques Of London Swing Seat

An ultra-affordable swing seat, that’s ideal as a replacement for an existing swing seat, or for installing on a tree branch


If you’re looking for a more affordable option, we think you’ll find this Swing Seat by Jacques of London hard to beat.

Unlike our top pick, this one consists of just a swing seat, and ropes. These can be used to replace a worn-out swing seat on an existing frame (extending the life of your swing set), or they can be attached to a branch to create a tree swing.

The swing seat is made from durable, high-density plastic, which is UV and fade-resistant, for extra longevity. The ropes are 196cm long and are made from strong-yet-soft NY-tech, which is also designed to last.

The clear disadvantage of this swing is the lack of frame – it’s only a viable option if you already have a swing set and want to replace the seat, or if you have a suitable tree in your garden on which to mount the swing.

However, considering the high-quality and incredibly low-price tag, this swing seat is still worthy of inclusion on our list. It might not be for everyone, but it is a durable and robust option, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find one cheaper.


  • Seat made from high-density plastic.
  • UV and fade-resistant for longevity.
  • Comes with long-life, soft-touch rope.
  • Ideal as a replacement for an existing seat, to prolong the life of your swing set, or for installing on a tree.
  • Lightweight and safer for children.
  • Highly affordable.


  • Includes the swing seat only, no frame.
  • Will require hooks/fixings if you want to attach it to a tree branch.

Zero Gravity UFO

This nest-style swing set offers children the chance to recline as they swing

Cost: £119.95

Our next children’s garden swing is this Zero Gravity UFO Nest Swing Set. This one offers a different style to our previous two, consisting of a frame with a ‘nest’ style half-circle swing seat.

The swing seat can accommodate up to 2 children at a time, with a minimum age of 3 years, and a maximum combined weight of 90 kg. It’s ideal for 2 siblings or friends to play together, and should help to prevent arguments over whose turn it is!

The seat is 98cm in diameter, and has padded edges, to make it safer and more comfortable for little ones to climb in and out. A further safety feature is the plastic covering on the metal chains, which reduces the chances of children catching their fingers. 

The swing set has a powder-coated steel frame, to resist weathering, and the tubing is 50mm in diameter, which helps to make it strong and sturdy, and better quality than many competitors. The overall dimensions of the swing set are H 184 x W 196 x D 184 cm.

As with most swing sets, it will require self-assembly on arrival. All the tools needed for this are included, and it also comes with ground stakes, to allow you to secure the swing to the ground. Overall, this is a fun, safe and good-quality swing set, that offers something a bit different to the norm.


  • Weather-resistant powder-coated steel frame.
  • Strong and sturdy 50mm tubing.
  • ‘Nest’ style seat means kids can recline and swing gently.
  • Can accommodate up to 2 children at once.
  • Padded seat edge and plastic covered chains, for improved comfort and safety.
  • Includes ground stakes, and tools for assembly.


  • Not possible to adjust the length of the chains.
  • Difficult for children to ‘swing’ themselves, as with a conventional swing.

Baby Vivo Swing Set & Frame

A simple swing set that makes a great, affordable option for a small garden or single-child family

Cost: Price not available

This Baby Vivo Swing Set & Frame is a good option for families with only one child (or those who are good at sharing). It’s suitable for kids aged 3 and over, and can support a maximum weight of 40 kg.

It’s also a suitable option for users with smaller gardens and less space, as the overall dimensions of the swing are H 203 x W 165 x L 139, which makes it comparatively compact.

At 9 kg, it’s also relatively lightweight, and easy to move around the garden. However, this does mean that the swing is less stable, and some users report that it seems unsafe. We would recommend concreting the base of the swing set into the ground, to make sure it stays in place.

The swing set consists of a simple frame made from metal, with a plastic swing seat, held on by sturdy ropes. If you’re looking for an affordable swing set that’s suitable for one small child to play on, this low-priced option should do the trick.


  • Durable metal frame and plastic seat.
  • Sturdy ropes.
  • Compact size makes it ideal for smaller gardens.
  • Lightweight (9kg).
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Only one child can swing at a time.
  • Not the best quality – some users report that the frame feels unstable, and makes creaking sounds.

Hedstrom 2-In-1 Swing

An extendable frame and choice of 2 seat styles mean this swing set will last your little one for years to come

Cost: £60.85

The final garden swing set on our list is this 2-in-1 Swing by Hedstrom. This is the one we’d recommend if you’re looking for a swing that will grow with your child.

It features a robust, powder-coated steel frame, which is weather-resistant and adjustable, so you can increase the height of the swing set as your little one grows. There are also two seats included – one toddler seat with a 5-point safety harness, and one regular swing seat, so you can swap these out as your child gets bigger.

The swing comes with ground pegs included for fixing it to the ground, although it has to be said that these aren’t the best quality, and you might want to replace them with some longer ones. As with most of these swings, the manufacturers recommend concreting the base into the ground, to prevent it moving, but this might not be an option for all users.

There are some other minor flaws in the design too, including the fact that the toddler seat doesn’t have a fixed bar between the legs, which can make strapping in little ones awkward, as they can easily slip down once the harness is unclipped.

Ultimately though, if you have a young toddler and want a great value swing set that will last for several years, we highly recommend this extendable option.


  • 2-in-1 swing set.
  • Durable powder-coated steel frame.
  • Includes 2 seats, for children of different ages.
  • Adjustable frame and ropes mean the swing set can grow with your child, and gives it longevity.
  • Comes with ground pegs, for fixing it in place.


  • Included ground pegs are not the best quality, and you may need to source your own, or concrete the base to make it stable. 
  • No solid T-bar on the toddler seat means you have to be careful when strapping your child in that they don’t slip out.

How To Install A Garden Swing Set

Before installing a garden swing set yourself, you should first lay out all the components and check them against the manufacturer’s instructions, to make sure you’ve got everything you need. Consider where you’re going to position the swing set – you’ll need to choose somewhere flat and clear of obstructions, which can be easily observed by adults.

For assembly, you should always follow the procedure set out in the instructions, to make sure the swing set is safe for children to use. The assembly process will vary between swing sets, but usually goes something like this:

  1. Slide the connecting sleeves onto the top of the crossbeam.
  2. Slot the first set of legs into the connecting sleeve, and screw into place.
  3. Attach the hardware for the ropes/chains to the crossbeam.
  4. Fix the second set of legs into the connecting sleeve on the other side of the crossbar.
  5. Screw any support bars into place on the legs, to keep the frame sturdy.
  6. Fix the frame securely to the ground using the included fixings, or with anchors in concrete (and allow to fully dry).
  7. Attach your swing to the hardware, and test to make sure it’s secure.
  8. Let your children enjoy!

What To Put Under Your Children’s Swing For Safety

With a swing set, as with most outdoor play equipment, there is always the possibility that a child could fall off of it and hurt themselves. You can reduce the risk of injury by placing a soft, shock-absorbent material underneath the swing. 

This could be a rubber mat or shredded mulch, such as that often found in playgrounds. These are popular options and can be eco-friendly if made from recycled tyres, but you should make sure to source them from a reputable supplier, to reduce the chances of hazardous chemicals being present. Alternatively, you could use wood chips or play sand.

If you have a lawn, there is also the option to leave the area under your swing as natural grass. This is possibly the most aesthetically-pleasing option, and will cause the least disruption to your garden. However, it can present a slip hazard when wet, or be too hard when the ground is dry. For a lower maintenance option that will weather better, you could also consider artificial grass.

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