Children's Garden Toys & Tools

Spending time outdoors was one of our favourite things about being a kid. You could play in the sun for hours at a time with nobody telling you to come indoors. Your creativity could run wild, as mundane things like sticks and mud became exciting adventure implements and building materials. Games arose quickly and easily from the collective imaginations of the kids around us, and before we knew it, we’d been out there for hours.

Nowadays, if you believe the cynics, kids spend their entire lives behind iPads and computer screens. Instead of playing outdoors, they hide away in virtual worlds, talking to digital avatars instead of other children.

We’re not quite sure we believe this pessimistic worldview, but we do acknowledge the need to keep the outside world entertaining and magical for children. That’s why we’ve created this section of our magazine. Here, you’ll find tons of guides for fun and exciting things for kids to do outdoors. From slides and trampolines through to mud pies and inflatables.

Whether you’ve got kids of your own, are planning to start a family soon, or entertain guests with young children who need stuff to do while you have a nice chinwag, this section has got you covered. We’ve trawled the internet for the very best children’s garden activities, and have put together guides to help you bring them into your very own garden.

We’ve also put together guides for getting kids involved in gardening, because it’s our firm belief that forging a connection with nature early in life stands a child in good stead for the rest of their life. Our guide to children’s gardening tools for tiny hands, for example, has a selection of tools to help them get involved with the tasks required to keep your garden ticking over. Let a child help with these tasks, help them to understand, and you’ll be surprised how quickly they take to it. Then, they’ll be asking you if they can help, and you’ll have a lifelong helper!

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