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In some parts of the world (America, we’re looking at you!) there are stories of neighbourly relations turning incredibly sour as debates over lawn care spiral out of control. One person’s idea of what a perfect lawn should look like can quickly clash with their neighbours belief in or willingness to meet this lofty vision.

And while it’s unlikely the state of your lawn is going to cause any neighbourhood incidents, there are plenty of good reasons to take good care of your grass.

Firstly, it looks nice. A well-trimmed lawn is a pleasure to behold, and provides the perfect green backdrop to frame the rest of your garden against. A kempt lawn also makes it easier to move about in your garden – and while this may sound ridiculous, try wading through shin-deep grass before you protest too much.

That said, there is merit to deliberately leaving certain sections of your lawn to grow. The types of wild grass that thrive when you do this are fantastic for attracting bees, butterflies, and all sorts of other wildlife central to a healthy garden ecosystem. Our preference in this regard is to leave a small area of lawn overgrown, and keep the rest looking spick and span.

The guides in this section of our magazine are designed to give you all the information you need to keep your lawn trim and healthy. We’ve written about the best lawnmowers – from hand-push manual types through to cutting edge cordless models (pardon the pun).

We’ve also rounded up the best tools for all manner of lawn tasks: Things like lawn spreaders, for ensuring an even distribution of seed and fertiliser. Or lawn rollers, to keep your lawn flat, healthy and level.

And if you’re reading this thinking “wow, I didn’t even know that was a job that needed doing!”, you’ll be pleased to know that these guides don’t require advanced levels of garden knowledge. Our lawn care guides are written to appeal to all types of gardeners, from the rank novice right up to the seasoned veteran.

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