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Your garden is your haven. It’s a place to go and relax, unwind, and bask in the endless glory of what you’ve created. You’ve spent time, money, and effort in bringing it in line with your vision of perfection, and you probably want to share it with as many people as possible.

But a garden is also connected to nature. It’s a conduit between the human world and the natural world and, if you want to, there are ways to attract a whole host of wildlife to share your space with you.

To us, inviting birds, bugs, and animals into our garden is one of the best parts of gardening. It’s a way to remind ourselves of our connection to nature, and to give something because, let’s face it, as humans we definitely do our fair share of taking.

In this section, you’ll find guides on attracting all sorts of creatures to your garden. You’ll learn how to attract birds, bees, hedgehogs, butterflies, squirrels, and more. You’ll discover how to give them the food and space they need to thrive, and to ensure they keep coming back time and time again.

Gradually, if you follow the advice in these guides, your garden will become a busy and bustling oasis for all sorts of wildlife. It’ll start to feel like a pocket of nature, thrumming and active, rather than a space sealed off from the natural world around it.

When you start to hear the birdsongs and the buzzing of bees, when you start to see butterflies fluttering about and hedgehogs snuffling through your hedges, you’ll feel attuned to the real glory of nature. Friends and family will love to see the dynamic and exciting microcosm you’ve made possible, and your garden will start to feel like a whole new place.

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